News Flash:

January 2016...

 * Anchorbay's Because She Can "River"

      Back to Back Major wins first weekend in the ring

​ *Mainland Anchorbay's Now I Know my ABC's "Winslow"

​    Major win first time in the ring!

​February 2016

    Anchorbay's Because She Can "River"

​       Third show = Third Major!! This girl is on FIRE!

​ GCH. Honeylane's a Slice of Life on Heavy Seas "Dexter'

​      Third weekend as a special goes RESERVE BEST IN SHOW!!!!!! Dexter is bred by Kelli LePore- Owned by Katie and Matt Sidesinger and sired by Todd!!!!! We couldn't be more excited for this up and coming team!!!

​March News

​  Mainland Anchorbay Now I Know my ABC's "Winslow"

     Lake St. Louis Show- WD BOW 3pt Major

​     Purina Farms- WD, BOW, BOB- 5 pt. Major

​     Auburn- Sunday WD BOW

​​Anchorbay's A Double shot of Beecreek "Doozy"

  Purina Farms- WB Sat and Sun for both Majors

​  Auburn- WB Sunday

​  Louisville KY- Saturday- WB

In the Ring


Karen Moore                 260.839.0409

Brooke Moore-Beck      574.551.1478