In our opinion here are a few quick tips of things to avoid when shopping for your puppy...

**A breeder offering multiple colors are once- especially from the same litter


**Breeders who will ship without meeting you- or without MANY MANY extensive Phone conversations

** Regular production of Brown and White, Grey and White, and Beige/Cream Newfoundlands, these colors are NOT recognized by the Newfoundland Club of America- CAN NOT BE SHOWN- thus there is no real reason to produce them knowingly.

**Breeding dogs under the age of 24 months ESPECIALLY BITCHES--official OFA Certifications can not be achieved until 24 months of age

**Online Payment options posted on a website

**Having multiple breeds- in excess of 3 other breeds approach with caution

** Owning more than 6 bitches AND not showing or competing- approach with caution

** Pricing- please remember you often get what you pay for- the lower the cost the less likely it is to look like a Newfoundland 

We are always here to help and advise individuals along their puppy search!!

At this time we do not anticipate puppies in 2021.

A few things to note:

*Yes there is a shortage of well bred Newfoundlands puppies- this is due in part to the Veterinary industry experiencing operational restrictions due to Covid (among many other factors.)

* Black Male puppies are the most requested puppy- if you are looking for a black male puppy- be aware most other puppy buyers are also.

* We DO NOT TAKE DEPOSITS- we can not guarantee you a puppy prior to them passing Board Certified Cardiology Checks at 10 weeks of age.

* We DO NOT DO waiting lists--emails and consistent communication is our "waiting list"

*We DO NOT anticipate any litters of color prior to 2023.